The new IT team at Microsoft or known as CSEO has rolled out with a plan as part of Microsoft Digital Transformation to rejuvenate their mission to provide a new line of visualization that is dedicated to their employee and customer experiences using Microsoft brand and trend.
My task was to produce 2 visual and video presentations that were showcasing the company’s vision-enhancing employee and customer experiences using seamless productivity, a secured environment, easy navigation, and digital collaboration.
Client: Microsoft CSEO (Core Services and Engineering)
Role: Art director and Motion + Visual UI/UX designer - Visual presentation
The pre-production process started with the UX Digital team providing a robust design layout and  low fidelity wireframes to the creative team. 
My task was to provide an art direction, visual design approach, and improve the existing UX flow by working in tandem with the UX designers. I also provided not only the static design options but also responsible for crafting motion content and implemented it into live-action videos. 
As the final phase, I worked in tandem with a video editor in crafting and edit both videos . The final videos were successfully presented to Kurt DelBene, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Core Services Engineering and Operations during the stakeholder meetings.
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