Hello and Hi! 
My name is Ronny So. I love drawing. My childhood passion was drawing anime of robots, monsters, and spaceships. I often spoke gibberish in Japanese so I can immerse myself as the pilot of that robot. As I grew up, I realized that a career as an artist will never support my life. So I started my education as an engineer, hoping maybe I can design my robot, but faith had led me to a job where art and engineering can mutually live together. I worked my way through art as a graphic designer, then a storyboard artist until one day I managed to receive a scholarship from Columbus College of Art and Design. 
This time was NO kidding. 
After the graduation, I seriously started my career in Seattle as a junior designer, learning the ropes from assistant motion designer and editor to assistant art director and animator. I have learned the hard way, using the art of 'design, persuade and sacrifice'. As a designer, I tried to keep the integrity of my design, but sometimes to keep that harmony, I sacrificed the value of a perfect design. 
A few years ago I landed a job as an art director in motion graphics in one of the best agency in Seattle. Again, I may have learned the ropes the hard way, but this time, I have gained so many knowledge, meeting and collaborating with different people with a different skill set from various industries, from Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Nintendo, Philips, and others. 
As time goes by, never once I stop practicing my drawing and I think this time I managed to achieve a perfect design for my 'robot'. I am READY for a new saga. I am READY to be the pilot of my own robot that will kickass that monster!
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