This concept app is part of Microsoft’s new vision ‘Digital Transformation’ to revamp its in-house application for internal use. My task was to support the Microsoft design team in creating a productive and engaging employee portal visualization.
A concept presentation that displays a desktop-based application that can be used as a portal to provide tools, technologies, and processes as well as to improve digital on-boarding and training, increased productivity, and unified corporate communication for the internal employees.
Client: Microsoft/Aquent
Role: Visual UI/UX Designer 

The project started with the collaboration between the senior UX designer and the visual UI team. My task was to art direct a Visual Design team to come up with a story simulating 2 employees utilizing the application from day 1. We also developed the UX workflows as well as the wireframes and visual storyboards using multiple scenarios.
Below is the motion storyboard simulating one of the scenario.
As the creative and technical process continued, I also art directed and produced User Interface sample designs that would entice the team to see the visual art development of the project. 
I proposed the idea of a clarity, sophisticated, modern, and cohesive portal design that can be utilized to enhance team interactions, communication, building and supporting relationships, and show trust in their employees by giving them tools to share their ideas and knowledge. 
The team presented this visual presentation to the higher managers and the research team for more input and feedback.
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