Role: Art Director and Lead Animator (onsite/offsite) for various MS events (FY17-FY18) from MGX, Ignite, and  Ready
Task: Responsible for preparing art direction and concepts, storyboards and graphics package look/feel in motion graphics and show opening experiences. 
Production Company: Publicis Experiences Seattle.
Project: MS Ignite FY17 Spark 360˚ Portrait.
Role: Art Director & Lead Animator.
Task: Responsible for providing technical looks/feel and base animation for the final product.
The Concept - Through the eyes of motion and design
Most of my design for these projects were inspired by the concept of forces of nature using the gravity of the particles such as metal and electricity combined within the principle of technology and geometry shapes. The main analogy is using the idea of symmetry and elementary particles that can be immersed physically in a simple and beautiful design, but yet the final render is creating a captivating design set when it is displayed on the big screens and inside a vast environment. Secondly, I also often used the concept of shapes using the idea of positive or negative elements depending on how they are used. Positive shapes are the main subject matter within the space. Negative space/shape is being utilized as the background that compliments the positive shapes. Both positive and negative completely immerse into the subject matter. The final outcome is captivating and memorable for the audience to digest and understand the concept of the event through the eyes of motion and design.
All of the design and product was designed during my role as an art director at PBJS/Publicis Experiences.
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